• Phone : 011-45561874, 8585948863 ,
  • Timings:8:30AM-7:30PM
  • Address : justkidzzdwarka@gmail.com

Welcome To Just Kidzz : The Kindergarten

JUST KIDZZ provides a caring atmosphere which leads to gradual transformation of a shy & introvert child into a happy, confident and friendly one. Durting initial phase, major part of the day is spent in cuddling the babies so that they feel relaxed & comfortable in the new environment. The curriculum is activity based and most of the time it is child specific. It helps the child learn in a natural enjoyable way. However, our teachers keep an eye and make a very interesting weekly-monthly assessment according to their areas of interest. Such a curriculum thats based on a variety of activities lays a strong foundation for lifelong development and realisation of a child's full potential..

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